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Who We Work With


Fountain excels in difficult technical problem solving. We have experience working with healthcare professionals and getting FDA approval. We work with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. The bigger the problem the more we shine. 

Consumer Products    

Elegantly designed products that are crafted to fit your brand purpose and position. We use qualitative and quantitative analysis to uncover new insights for your business. Our team of industrial designers makes complex ideas clean simple and beautiful.

Sporting Goods         

We have designed more footwear, apparel and equipment for Olympic athletes than anyone in the world. We love the high stakes of helping athletes on the world biggest stage.


Fountain is an expert in the entire product creation process, we give you a strong, manageable roadmap to reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, reduce the amount of clean water and toxic chemicals your company is using. All of this saves you money and helps our planet.

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